The Heller Family Foundation is sponsoring a money management class for kids at the Performing Arts School at bergenPAC’s summer camp this July.
The program, iPiggiBank, is led by a state-certified teacher and features interactive lessons that include art, writing and acting to engage kids and give them a head-start on financial literacy. It will be offered as one of the elective periods at the Performing Arts School during the July session.
The Money Management 4 Kids program will be held three days per week during the camps. Students will complete and take home workbooks, design their own piggy banks, learn how to save money, budget, share with special causes, shop wisely and other basic financial skills. The program was launched in 2014 for Grades 1-6 and is aligned to New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Standards in 21st Century Life Skills, math and language arts.
The Heller Family Foundation is a charitable organization established by Ronald & Joyce Heller to support initiatives focused on children, education, and entrepreneurship around the globe.

“We are thrilled to bring iPiggiBank to the campers at bergenPAC this summer. These young, budding dancers, actors and musicians will learn critical financial skills that will continue to mature as they do -- both personally and professionally. Our program thrives when we have partners like, bergenPAC and The Heller Family Foundation and we are very appreciative that they share our passion,” said Shara Nadler, iPiggiBank CEO and Founder.

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