Hone your triple threat skills! 

Our summer workshop provides a structured and supportive environment for honing your triple threat skills. By combining vocal training, dance instruction, acting techniques, performance opportunities, and industry insights, these classes help aspiring performers develop a well-rounded skill set necessary for success in musical theater and beyond.

Singing: Musical theater classes often focus on vocal training, helping students improve their vocal technique, range, breath control, and performance skills.

Dancing: Musical theater requires performers to be adept at various dance styles, from ballet and jazz to tap and contemporary. In a musical theater class, you'll receive training in these dance forms, helping you improve your coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and overall physicality.

Acting: Acting is a fundamental component of musical theater. Through scene work, improvisation exercises, and character analysis, a musical theater class will help you refine your acting skills.

Performance opportunities: Musical theater classes often provide performance opportunities, such as showcases, recitals, or full-scale productions. Here at bergenPAC our summer workshop culminates with a performance of scenes from popular musicals.   

Collaborative skills: You'll learn how to collaborate effectively, communicate ideas, and work as part of a team. These collaborative skills are crucial for success in the industry.

Industry insights: You may receive guidance on selecting appropriate audition material, navigating the casting process, and developing a professional career in musical theater.


Session dates and tuition TBD