This intensive workshop is to help prepare students for the college audition process in musical theater – how to audition, common techniques, resume and headshot preparation, intensive practice sessions in vocal technique, acting to prepare monologues and musical theater dance styles to prepare students for all aspects of the audition.


Applying to performing arts programs at colleges often requires auditioning, which can be a rigorous and competitive process. Our College Audition & Filming Workshop is designed to provide guidance and preparation specifically tailored to these auditions. You'll learn about the specific requirements and expectations of different programs, receive coaching on selecting appropriate audition material, and gain insights into what college audition panels are typically looking for. The workshop can help you refine your audition pieces, improve your technique, and present yourself in the best possible light during auditions.


At the end of the workshop, students will take home a sample pre-screening video that they can use for auditions and competitions.