BergenPAC Hosted Performance and Educational Workshop for Children with Disabilities

Jun 19, 2015 View All News

Hip Hop Connections featured 4 performers who demonstrated/educated using the creative elements DJing, MCing, Human Beatboxing, Breaking, Popping, and Graffiti Art.  These artists have experience working with students with special needs and created accessible/interactive sections that encouraged participation.  Students had the opportunity to Beatbox, dance, use DJ equipment, and create in groups and individually.


MC/Beatboxer Baba Israel engaged students by discussing the history of Hip Hop in rhyme and creating interactive improvised poetry that responds to their imaginations.


DJ/Bassist/Beatboxer/Graffiti artist Yako 440 played examples of Hip Hop music from around the world and taught Beatboxing (making music with your mouth). This helped integrate articulatory phonetics which are important for those who need to develop verbal ability.

Dancers Ken Fury and Africano demonstrated Breaking and Popping respectively and brought audience volunteers onstage to learn some moves.

An educational component immediately followed the performance led by the artists with students from the Union City school district with disabilities. This portion of the program was also a huge success. Every student was brought onto the bergenPAC main stage to participate. At the end of the workshops, they each gave a word to describe their experience. “Confident, excited, energetic” were words used and subsequently turned into a rap for everyone’s enjoyment. Teachers were thrilled with the program and level of participation of students who are normally less verbal and introverted.

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