Rental Fees

Theater - 1,367

Monday – Wednesday

$3,500 (Non-Profit)

$4,000 (Commercial)

Thursday - Sunday

$4,000 (Non-Profit)

$4,500 (Commercial)

***Rent includes use of the hall, website listing and placement on the marquee 1 week prior to the show***

Drapkin Cabaret & Lounge

Capacity: 42/60/80

$500 per day

Intermezzo Gallery (for receptions only)

Capacity: 75

$500 per day

Main Lobby (for receptions only)

Capacity: 200

$500 per day

3rd Floor Dance Studio

Capacity: 48

$500 per day

***Proof of non-profit status must be presented to bergenPAC in order to qualify for the non-profit rate.***

***Rates are for one event or performance on one day. Each additional event or performance on the same day is 50% of the full rate.***

***Rental Fee on a holiday is $6,000, regardless of day of the week.***


Box Office Fees

Box Office Services

2% of gross ticket sales vs. $1,000, whichever is greater

Ticket Printing

$1 per ticket printed by the box office

Credit Card Charges

3% of gross credit card sales


$4 per ticket on all tickets

Seat Map Customization

$500 (If not using existing bergenPAC seat maps)

Temporary Seats

$300 (Additional 60 temporary seats)

Restoration Fee

$4 per ticket


Front Of House

House Staff

$800 per performance. Inc. house managers, ushers, and ticket takers. Mandatory fee.


$400 per performance. Mandatory fee.


$700 per performance. Mandatory fee.


$400 per officer per performance. $100/hr x 4 hr min (As needed)


Production Costs

Technical Director

$350 (Mandatory for All Events)


All labor provided by IATSE Local 632*. Artist/Event rider must be provided in advance for quote. Hours between midnight and 6:00 am and all Holidays are double time. Any video, filming or broadcasting is subject to a recording rate.

Piano Rental

$400 (Steinway 9 ft. Concert Grand, Model D)

Piano Tuner

$100 (Mandatory with Piano Rental)

Basic Sound Package

$500 (See Technical Specs for Package)

Premium Sound Package

$1,500 (See Technical Specs for Package)


$2,000 Use Fee plus Labor and Equipment. Call for details.


$25 per 4’ x 8’ section


$200 per spotlight

Spotlight Operator

See stagehands.

Marley floor

$200 (4 rolls @ 6’W x 42’L)

Video Projection

$500 (4k Rear projection & 10'x.5x14' screen)


$150 per runner

Yamaha Recording Drumkit


SWR 800 Bass Head w/4 10"5


Roland JC 120 Amplifier


50 Music Stands

$10 per stand or $250 for 50 stands

60 Orchestra Chairs

$15 per chair or $500 for 60 chairs


$300 plus additional stagehand cost

Additional Equipment/Labor

Cost plus 17%


Artist Sells

75% Gross Sales retained by Artist

bergenPAC Sells

65% Gross Sales retained by Artist

Recorded Materials

90/10 Gross Sales retained by Artist

***Rates are subject to change without notice***


The Performing Arts School

The Performing Arts School provides arts education to students age 3 months to 21 years throughout Northern New Jersey. With classes in all types of performing arts, outreach programs throughout the state, and programming for children with special needs, every donation helps create more opportunities for new artists.