The Hit Men

Legendary Rock Supergroup

Legendary performers with Frankie Valli, Carole King, Cat Stevens & more! The Hit Men – a supergroup consisting of Lee Shapiro, Jimmy Ryan, Jeff Ganz, Russ Velazquez and Steve Murphy – either played, sang or did both on some of the most memorable hits of the era, including “Who Loves You”, “Oh What a Night”, “The Loco-motion”, “Peace Train”, “Mony Mony”, “Joy to the World” and other songs in which they used their talents to spin wax into gold and platinum. 

The Hit Men connect with audiences on a level rarely seen by today’s music acts. From the classic songs we all know and love (such as “Oh What a Night” & “You’re So Vain”) to the backstage stories never told until today, a Hit Men show is like no other as they combine the music & the memories alongside exciting multimedia footage & visuals, evoking an unforgettable and nostalgic experience.

“We can do whatever we want with complete legitimacy,” Shapiro said. “We have an emotional connection with the audience that tribute bands and soundalike bands can’t have. When we share our experiences and tell stories we aren’t reciting a script. We were there. When we tell you how 'My Eyes Adored You' was originally called 'Sweet Eyes of Georgia,' we know because we were there...” Reliving the magic they created on stages around the world & in recording studios with some of the most cherished musical artists, when The Hit Men take the stage today, it’s easy to see why their music has transcended generations. 

Event Times

  • April 29, 2017 8:00 PM Add