Martin Sexton Trio

with special guest Whiskey Heart

Singer-songwriter Martin Sexton grew up in Syracuse, N.Y., the tenth of 12 children. With more than ten albums released, he’s produced a number of hits while staying independent of the music industry’s influence and expectations. His latest release, Mixtape of the Open Road, is like a musical cross-country trip, blazing through all territories of style, as the listener cruises through time and place. This record is a charm bracelet of twelve gems all strung together with the golden thread of what Rolling Stone calls a “soul marinated voice.”

Growing up, Sexton fueled his dreams with the timeless sounds of classic rock ’n’ roll. As he discovered the dusty old vinyl left in the basement by one his big brothers, his musical fire was lit. He moved to Boston and began to build a following singing on the streets of Harvard Square. In 1992, he sold 20,000 copies of his self-produced demo recordings, In the Journey, out of his guitar case. From there, he got bigger and sold out venues like New York’s Nokia Theatre and L.A’s House of Blues.

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  • November 3, 2017 8:00 PM Add

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