JJCC US Live Tour

JJCC (Double JC) is a K-pop boy band formed in 2014 by Jackie Chan Group Korea as a part of Jackie Chan’s devotion to Kpop and his effort to ‘Joint Culture’ in Asia through music.  JJCC has 6 members, E.Co, Eddy, Yul, Zica, Simba and San-Cheong. E.Co, the eldest member, is now in the army service for the country so there will be only 5 members on this tour. 

This is their first appearance in the US while they have already done many successful tours in Europe and Asia. They are going to perform their hit songs including the new single to be released in July as well as other covers for about 2 hours. This would be a great opportunity for the US fans to get to see them live and meet them in person. 

As JJCC wants to interact with the fans so there are various activities of the fan engagements like photo sessions, high touch and rehearsal attendance. For detailed info, please visit the promoter’s Facebook Page

Event Times

  • August 12, 2017 8:00 PM Add