Join us virtually this summer as The Performing Arts School offers more than 5 summer programs for all ages and levels! From our Summer Camp that introduces young children to the performing arts, to our dance intensive and annual summer musical for more advanced students, we have something for everyone! All classes and workshops are taught by master teaching artists with professional credits.

For more information, contact the school at (201) 482-8194 or at [email protected].

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2020 Virtual Summer Programs

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Virtual Summer Musical (Ages 10-25)

Each year The Performing Arts School at bergenPAC presents their annual summer musical featuring an all-student cast, technical crew, and orchestra. Working alongside bergenPAC staff, students gain greater self-confidence and teamwork skills and receive a professional-level experience that they can use in their future endeavors. Past musicals include FAME, Children of Eden, 42nd Street, CATS, AIDALes Misèrables School Edition, West Side Story Disney's Beauty and The Beast, and The Producers!

This year's 10th Annual Summer Musical will be Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella!


Auditions will be done via video submission.

Registration Required, click here to reserve your spot!

Audition Requirements:

Ages 10–25. Please prepare a 32 bar selection from Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella and a 1-minute monologue. Auditions by appointment only!

Audition Update

With the safety of our students, families, staff, faculty and directors at the very forefront of our thinking, we have made a decision to transition our auditions from “in person” audition to a video submission. Just to clarify, if you have signed up for an audition time for either of the audition days (4/19, 4/25, 5/18), your audition will now be in the form of a video submission. 

What is a video submission?
Video submissions are largely used around the world for casting and this is a way for our students to dive into a virtual audition process. The student auditioning would record themselves on one take signing a 32 bar cut of a song from Cinderella, and do a one minute long monologue. Videos are filmed with a phone or video camera. A headshot and resume also needs to be submitted along with the video. 

Do we sing acapella or to track?
You may choose to sing it to a track or without one. We want you to feel the most comfortable and confident. 

Where do we send the video submission to?
You should send your video to [email protected].

Will there be callbacks?
Yes, those whom the creative team decides needs to be called back will be notified via email. The callbacks will happen in live time through Zoom. At the callback you will be taught a dance combination. If we require a vocal callback, that will be done individually, also through a live Zoom.

When is the deadline for the video submission?
The deadline for the video submission is May 18, 2020 by 9PM. All videos must be submitted by that date and time. 

Final Performances:

July 31st  – August 2nd

*First rehearsal to start on June 28th.

For more information contact an education associate at [email protected] or call 201-482-8194.

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Virtual Musical Theater Summer Camp (Ages 5-12)

This program is for children ages 5-12 and features theater games, dance combinations, choreography, music appreciation, singing, acting the song, visual arts, and much, much more. The online program will have a vast array of resources both live and pre-recorded to offer the campers the best online camp experience possible!

The Virtual summer camp will run from 9AM-1PM and then the students will also have pre-recorded videos with entertainment and instruction for them to enjoy. The camp is weekly, Monday through Friday. Each day we work on Dance, Theater and Music, and we sprinkle in physical education and fun electives! We are having fun planning it all out so more information regarding the itinerary for the day will be sent once registered! 

During camp, students will have a weekly sharing at 1PM on Fridays!

2020 Session Dates

June 15th - August 28th


$40 registration fee. 11 Week Session: $600

$75 per week

Can't pay right now? No worries, Payment Plans and scholarships available! To apply for a scholarship please Click Here.


Spaces are available! To register, CLICK HERE or email [email protected] with the subject "Performing Arts Musical Theater Summer Camp." 

Look below to see more of our summer programs for all ages!

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Virtual Musical Theater Workshop (Ages 13-18)

Hone your triple threat skills! In-depth training in musical theater dance styles, acting and focus on monologues, musical theater vocal technique, and repertoire. Culminates with a performance of scenes from popular musicals.

2020 Session Dates

July 6 - July 16, 2020
Monday - Thursday; 10AM-12PM


$450 plus $40 registration fee


To register, CLICK HERE or email [email protected] with the subject "Performing Arts Musical Theater Workshop." 

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Virtual Summer Dance Intensives (Ages 10-18)

Our virtual summer dance intensive program offers two 2-week dance intensives led by Dance Artistic Director, Roberta Mathes. These summer intensives are ideal for dancers, ages 10-18 who wish to improve their technical abilities and gain more confidence and a deeper understanding of their true potential. The Dance Intensives are meant for dancers looking to do a deep training in the art of dance. If currently not enrolled in our program, an audition and placement class is required.

Session Dates

​July 6 - July 16, 2020
Monday-Thursday 10AM-2PM

August 3 - August 13, 2020
Monday-Thursday 10AM-2PM


$350 per session

$600 for both sessions (Must be paid in full to receive discount)

Curriculum (4-5 classes daily):

  • Ballet: Repertory, Character, Partnering
  • Contemporary and Improvisation
  • Modern Jazz Technique
  • Flamenco or West African
  • Audition and Film Techniques
  • Enrichment Workshops
  • Nutrition

Dress Code

Proper dance attire and neatness are required for all classes. Hair must be pulled back into a secure bun. No skirts or jewelry are permitted and proper fitting footwear is necessary. Dancers are required to wear any style black leotard and pink tights for ballet, and black or tan tights for other technique classes. Male dancers are required to wear a white fitted shirt or leotard, black tights or leggings along with a dance belt. For ballet, white socks and white ballet slippers are suggested.


If not currently enrolled in dance at The Performing Arts School, please contact an education associate for placement classes email [email protected] with the subject "Summer Dance Intensive." To Register, CLICK HERE.

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Virtual Summer Open Evening Classes (All Ages)

During the summer, we offer open afternoon and evening classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop or tap. Single and drop-in classes are permitted, which is great for the college or adult dancer, or Students may sign up for the 8-week session. Dancers can take up to 6 classes per week. These classes vary in level, beginner through advanced, children through adults. Keep your skills sharp and continue dancing over the summer break.

Session Dates

July 6 - August 28th


Single/trial class - $25

8 week program
1 class per week for 8 weeks- $80 total

2 classes per week for 8 weeks- $160 total

3 classes per week for 8 weeks- $240 total

4 classes per week for 8 weeks- $320 total

5 classes per week for 8 weeks- $400 total

6 classes per week for 8 weeks- $480 total


To register, CLICK HERE or email [email protected] with the subject "Summer Open Dance Classes." 

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Virtual Early Childhood Music Summer Session (Ages 2 mo-4 1/2 yrs)

with parent or caregiver

Our Early Childhood music program provides developmentally appropriate music for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The music program uses a mix of traditional and contemporary songs from around the world in order to bring out the innate musical nature of young children. bergenPAC brought together musical volunteers including a Broadway vocalist, side musicians from NJ based bands including Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny who helped to create the unique music CD that each registered family receives.

The classes run for 45 minutes and are designed to introduce musically driven activities such as chants, fingerplays, and small and large movements using a variety of age-appropriate musical instruments. Our classes allow children and their parents/caregivers to explore, learn and discover the wonders and benefits of music!

Session Dates

​June 15 - August 28, 2020 (off July 4 & 5)
Trial Classes Week of August 3 - August 9


  • Tuesdays: 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 3:45pm
  • Wednesdays: 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:00pm
  • Thursdays: 9:30am, 10:30am. 11:30am, 1:00pm


11 Weeks

$200 per class + $40 registration fee

Single Class per week $15


To register, CLICK HERE or email [email protected] with the subject "Early Childhood Summer Session." 

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Virtual College Audition & Filming Workshop (Ages 15-18)

This intensive workshop is to help prepare students for the college audition process in musical theater – how to audition, common techniques, resume and headshot preparation, intensive practice sessions in vocal technique, acting to prepare monologues and musical theater dance styles to prepare students for all aspects of the audition.

At the end of the workshop, students will take home a sample pre-screening video that they can use for auditions and competitions.

2020 Session Dates

Session 1: July 13 - 24, 2020

Session 2: August 10 - 21, 2020


$600 plus $40 registration fee


To register, CLICK HERE or email [email protected] with the subject "College Audition & Filming Workshop." 

The Performing Arts School

The Performing Arts School provides arts education to students age 3 months to 21 years throughout Northern New Jersey. With classes in all types of performing arts, outreach programs throughout the state, and programming for children with special needs, every donation helps create more opportunities for new artists.