Beyond bergenPAC Assemblies

We are excited to provide your school with our new option of having a virtual assembly program at your school! Assembly programs focus on Anti- Bullying, Science, Dance, Cultural Awareness, and more! These assembly programs are a great way for students to interact with live performers, learn about relevant issues that surround kids today, and experience live theater in the comfort of your own home! Other in-school assemblies are still available to book once schools allow.

Virtual assemblies can be pre-recorded or by livestream.


(Grades K–12)

Turtle Dance Music is a children’s music company dedicated to furthering child development through arts-integration, music, and educational entertainment. We spark children’s curiosity and imagination through interactive, inclusive musical performances that use a wide range of instruments, stuffed animals, games and music technology. Our 45-60 minute long sensory-friendly performances are geared for PreK-5 in various curriculums. Turtle Dance Music believes that your kids are capable of doing extraordinary things!

SPACE! THE COSMOS FOR KIDS (Grades: PreK-5 | Curriculum: Science)

SONGS THAT COUNT! (Grades: PreK-1 | Curriculum: Math)

WALLY AND THE WATER CYCLE (Grades: K-5 | Curriculum: Science)

WHY ECOSYSTEMS ROCK! (Grades: PreK-5 | Curriculum: Science)

INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO (Grades: PreK-6 | Curriculum: Music, History)

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Pirate School!: Follow Your Compass *AVAILABLE VIRTUALLY*

(Grades K–12)

Pirate School! is a madcap, slap-dash training academy that promotes self-esteem and prompts courageous acts of kindness and good behavior. Features in New York Magazine's "Best of New York: Kids!," this one-man sea-faring vaudeville spoofs the Golden Age of Sail and satisfies kids universal curiosity about the briny buccaneers of yore while inviting youngsters to discover a powerful force within themselves - their 'inner-swashbuckler'. During Pirate School! students will be shown how to be a crew of "good pirates," laughing and learning along the way. As they cooperate and carouse together, children will experience subtle, yet vital themes that help booster self-esteem and encourage teamwork and personal responsibility.

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(Grades PreK–4)

A Fresh, New, Pop/Rock Music & Interactive based Anti-Bullying Assembly Program for kids! It is a program with original pop/rock kids songs, audio & video, a special musical Co-star - our program's mascot B.T.T.Y the neighborhood Bumble Bee -- DJ, carefully structured dance parties, and interactive scenes. These scenes help children become aware of the ways you can prevent bullying and change the course of action when you see a similar event. Created by Theater Professional Ashley Tobias, the show was constructed to help impart life lessons children could easily walk away.

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Souljerz Crew

(Grades K–12)

The Souljerz Crew Presents "Hip Hop Roots". A dynamic way to educate crowds on the fresh, powerful and therapeutic ways of Hip Hop culture through live Dj, dance demonstrations and audience participation, This assembly not only is entertaining, but it brings home a message about how multi-generations can come together and share through its delight, skills will always prevail, self-empowering characteristics. So sit back and come with us on a ride through the decades leading up to today's sounds.

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Mexico Beyond Mariachi

(Grades K–8)

Entertaining, educating and exciting, the Mexico Beyond Mariachi experience is a journey that ignites the imagination and opens the senses. Expand your perception of Mexico through enchanting pre-colonial instruments and vibrant interpretations of music and dance as we reveal the story of Mexico. Through our captivating live performances and in-depth education programming, audiences of all ages come away with a fresh perspective of Mexico beyond the news, beyond the headlines, beyond the beaches beyond the guys with big hats and trumpets... Mexico Beyond Mariachi!!!

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Art of Chinese Dance

(Grades K–12)

Dancers reveal the richness of China's long history and complex heritage as one of the world's oldest and continuous cultures, with over 5,000 years of recorded history. Students will see the agility and courage of the Chinese warrior, the skill and excitement of Peking Opera acrobatics, along with a variety of folk dances which express the character of various nationalities with China. The dancers perform both traditional and Chinese dance as well as original modern dance reflecting the cross-cultural experience of the choreographer, Nai-Ni Chen.

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Harriet Tubman Herself

(Grades K–5)

An entertaining and educational one-woman show based on the life and times of Harriet Tubman. Harriet's harrowing and dangerous life unfolds as she tells the moving story of how she brought hundreds of slaves - and her own family - to freedom during the Civil War. Actress Christine Dixon tells the story of Tubman's life in this dramatic one-woman performance about the heroic "Moses" of her people. The Performance was originally adapted and directed by Morna Murphy Martell from the 1868 book by Srah Bradford, Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman. Audience members are invited on stage to help tell her story. The show includes original and reinterpreted music from period spirituals.

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The Performing Arts School

The Performing Arts School provides arts education to students age 3 months to 21 years throughout Northern New Jersey. With classes in all types of performing arts, outreach programs throughout the state, and programming for children with special needs, every donation helps create more opportunities for new artists.