Rental Fees

Theater - 1,370

Monday – Wednesday

$3,500 (Non-Profit)

$4,000 (Commercial)

Thursday - Sunday

$4,000 (Non-Profit)

$4,500 (Commercial)

Drapkin Cabaret & Lounge

Capacity: 100 Standing/70 seated

$500 per day

Intermezzo Gallery (for receptions)

Capacity: 75 People

$500 per day

Main Lobby (for receptions)

Capacity: 250 People

$500 per day

3rd Floor Dance Studio

Capacity: 75 People

$500 per day

***Proof of non-profit status must be presented to bergenPAC in order to qualify for the non-profit rate.***

***Rates are for one event or performance on one day. Each additional event or performance on the same day is 50% of the full rate.***

***Rental Fee on a holiday is $6,000, regardless of day of the week.***


Box Office Fees

Box Office Services

2% of gross ticket sales vs. $1,000, whichever is greater

Ticket Printing

$1 per ticket printed by the box office

Credit Card Charges

3% of all credit card transactions


$4.00 per ticket on all tickets

Seat Map Customization

$500 (If not using existing bergenPAC seat maps)

Temporary Seats

$300 (Additional 56 temporary seats)


Front Of House


$800 per performance. Inc. house managers, ushers, and ticket takers


$400 per performance


$700 per performance


$400 per officer per performance. $100/hr x 4 hr min (As needed)


Production Costs

Technical Director

$350 (Mandatory for All Events)


All labor provided by IATSE Local 632*. Artist rider must be provided in advance for quote. Hours between midnight and 6:00 am and all Holidays are double time. Any video, filming or broadcasting is time and one-half.

Piano Rental

$400 (Steinway 9 ft. Concert Grand, Model D)

Piano Tuner

$100 (Mandatory with Piano Rental)

Basic Sound Package

$500 (See Technical Specs for Package)

Premium Sound Package

$1,500 (See Technical Specs for Package)


$2,000 Use Fee plus Labor and Equipment


$25 per 4’ x 8’ section


$200 per spotlight plus operator. (See stagehands)

Marley floor

$200 (4 rolls @ 6’W x 42’L)

Video Projection



$150 per runner

Additional Equipment

Based on Actual Plus 10%


Artist Sells

75% Gross Sales

bergenPAC Sells

35% Gross Sales

Recorded Materials

90/10 Gross Sales

***Rates are subject to change without notice***


The Performing Arts School

Features a series of classes for students ages 2 1/2 months to 21 years old.