Lee Ann Womack

With Special Guest Del Barber

In a world of faster, harder, louder, country music singer and songwriter Lee Ann Womack wants something far more radical: to be real. Strip it all away, get to the core of life, love and raw emotion – and you find songs that distill it all to the stopping power of a hollow point bullet. Her upcoming album The Way I'm Livin' Livin’, produced by Frank Liddell, is an unvarnished collection of songs by some of America's most progressive songwriter/artists. Whether the vintage country of Hayes Cerll's "Chances Are," the scalding gospel of Mindy Smith's "All the Saints" or the tortured linger of love in buddy Miller's "Don't List To The Wind," the emotions are unbridled, the performances wide open and the recording intimate.

Womack's Call Me Crazy, I Hope You Dance, and the 2005 Country Music Association Album of the Year There's More That Came From are among modern country's most acclaimed albums. 

Event Times

  • November 13, 2014 8:00 PM Add