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bergenPAC is dedicated to developing musicians through beyondMUSIC. Music has many different styles to explore, and beyondMUSIC does not limit our students to one particular style of playing. Students find ways to explore their craft while the teaching artists instills in them a self confidence that can only come with the sound of music.

The goal of beyondMUSIC is to create a successful program that will become a community for the students to be a part of. A community will provide motivation for the students to improve and give them a context for the skills and concepts they learn in their private lessons.

We will provide a well rounded education curriculum for our students musically through our:

  • In Home Private Lessons

  • Group Jam Sessions

  • Performances at bergenPAC!

Taking classes at bergenPAC, means that students will be able to attend Master Classes and Artist Talks with artists and performers who appear at the theater. Select students will also be asked to open for certain bergenPAC shows throughout the year!


To enroll now or for more information contact Arlene Grunfeld at (201) 816-8160, ext. 35 or at